Top 5 Human Right Issues

The human right is being threatened across the world. These issues continue to grow and several new human rights issues keep evolving and growing. The growing human rights crisis in 2017 is alarming. The 2017 human rights issues reflect a dramatic shift in the economic, social and political drivers of human right concerns. The condition has grown so worse that the international systems upholding human rights and the rule of law are at the risk of being eroded. This could have a dramatic impact on businesses, societies and economies. To preempt and prevent the growing human right issues, there is need for all concerned parties including governments, businesses and civil societies to work together. Here are some of these top issues.

Inequality is one of the most important issues of the world and a growing human right concern. The concern is growing. As at 2016, 1% of the world population owns more wealth than the rest of the world. This inequality is even worse in the United States which has recorded a tremendous and growing income inequality since the financial crisis.

Gig economy is another important issue. This is orchestrated by the advent of internet and rise of internet enabled devices. However, this has posed important issues to the way companies hire employees. Some companies now prefer temporary workers and some even offer zero hour contracts. The implication is that these workers cannot access some benefits which normal workers would have been entitled to.

The growing number of refugees across the world is an important human right issue. Over 65 million people are displaced across the world today. Although the number is highest today, it continues to grow. Obviously, this issue is orchestrated by the growing human rights crisis across the world.

Increasing issues in trade deals have put affected workers and communities to risk. 2017 saw a change in the way trades are negotiated. Most trade deals are motivated by short term perception of national interests and not long-term shared benefits. The growing complexity of value chains also poses a great issue to human rights. The cheapest labor cost is often sought and the result of this is the squeezing out of labor and safety standards. Zero hour contracts are also growing in developed countries, putting labor to risk.